Cat Bangles Closes the Deal

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Realtors always try to look their best. It’s part of the job. Yet so many of those smiling faces I see on their signs look entirely fake. A lot also look like glamour shots.

Over on Scoreland2 is my dream realtor, Cat Bangles. I have no doubt that she could make any lawn look more appealing by putting up a sign with her picture on it, but honestly, I’d rather she just put her fine, full-figured self right on top of my cock.

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The stacked Latina is dressed to impress and struts through the house showing off the selling points. She uses her body and skills of seduction to secure the buyer. How is he supposed to say no to the offer of her milking his cum? Maybe the house isn’t perfect, but she sure is. They break in his new place is an explicit XXX scene.